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Report - Walkways Clogs, Mytholmroyd - October 2015


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October 2015

I've wanted to visit this place for a while, and whilst taking a trip up north I couldn't resist. This place is in fairly good condition, with most of the damage inside being caused by the owners. The top floor resembles a landfill with shelving publicly items and all round junk piled high to the ceiling. The most exciting part of the place is the play area complete with a slide and a ball pit. I spent about an hour in the place only to have my visit cut short by setting off the alarms :rolleyes:. The strange thing was I managed to make my way around most of the building and It was only when I came back down to the ground floor and headed towards the wheel that the alarm sounded and I was out in seconds.


Anyway on with some history;
The building itself has been manufacturing cloggs since 1870, started by James Maude, his sons continued the business on after his death in 1914.
The Walkleys business was started by Frank Walkley in 1946. The main styles manufactured at that time were the Safety boot clog, Derby, Gibson and the Bar clog. With slipon styles being produced much later. In 1978 Frank Walkley bought out the famous Maude clog sole works in Hebden Bridge, a company that at its heyday had over 100 employees that turned nothing but clog soles! Walkey Clogs used the old machines for turning the wooden clog soles, and manufacturing the irons. The clog making skills used are those skills that have been passed down from generations of Walkley Clogs clog makers.

The clog factory was one of the Calder Valley's most popular tourist attractions during the 1980s but began to wind down during the 1990s after a devastating fire, December 1990. The building was then repaired and then continued to trade for several years before finally closing its doors. The building has been closed for some time now, with apartment approval pending.



















Cheers For Looking​
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Choo Choo m8ty

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@GRONK what an awesome looking place m8ty. Nicely pictured. Looks bloody good this except alarms lol. Good stuff m8ty


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Good one gronk! I visited this place once and Managed to trigger the alarm on entry, I quickly legged it outta there while being in darkness. My ears were buzzin for a couple of days after too. A revisit is in order :D


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Nice one, did you see that jack in the box? Proper shit me up that did!


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I remember visiting this place as a kid! I remember something like an Enchanted Grotto (could have been called something else) where it sold Christmas decorations and had figures of fantasy creatures dotted around. A very young me was besotted with this place... memory is a bit sketchy though we're talking 20/25 years ago when I went there.

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