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Report - Wallsend Theatre, Newcastle 12/08/09


I should have danced all night
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Visited with the travelling Lego circus of thievery and corruption.

This was a nice little site! Loads of cool stuff lying around even if the building itself is a little dilapidated. There's lots of suicidal pigeons inside and arcade machines to make any gaming/gambling geek weak at the knees.

Here's a bit of history:

The Borough Theatre opened as a live venue in 1909, designed by Messrs J. Fleming Davidson and C.D. James. By 1930 it had 1,100 seats in stalls and two balconies, but this was probably closer to 2,000 when opened. Two years after opening the original architects returned to design a projection room at the rear of the lower circle, with an oriel window and emergency escape routes on the side wall. It was marginally altered again in 1935 and then refurbished and altered in 1949 by Percy L. Browne and Harding.

The Borough Theatre was taken over by Gaumont in 1928 and was renamed in 1946. On closing in November 1960, it was converted to Bingo and at some point reverted to the original name. Bingo ceased around the turn of the 21st century and the building has been largely derelict since. It is currently (2009) under threat of redevelopment.

Inside it is pretty much as built, the renovations and alterations being rather superficial in nature. There is a semi-circular box on either side of the proscenium and niches containing female statuettes. The acting area of the stage is approx 9.14metres square. There is one of the most insensitive false ceilings I can remember seeing, inserted at the lower edge of the second balcony, which cuts off the upper part of the proscenium and hides the decorated oval ceiling and gas burner completely. The lower balcony contains an abnormally pronounced saucer rake with the sides considerably higher than the centre.

Here's the photos :)














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