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Report - Walsh's Transport Sevices, Darwen, Lancs, July 1976


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28DL Full Member
This was a pure chance discovery. I thought that I saw a locomotive, whilst driving through Darwen. It turned out that there were three, in the yard of a haulage contractor. It was Sunday afternoon, the gates were open and there was nobody about.
In a corner, along with loads of scrap were a 1952 48DS Ruston, a Hunslet (2122 of 1940) and a Hudswell Clarke (D1031 of 1956) The last two came from W. J. Lee at Seacombe on the Wirral. Although part of the Mersey Docks, the Cheshire side was always shunted by haulage contractors.
I do not know what happened to the trio, but the pics are typical of the scrapyards that were common at this time.




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