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Lead or Rumour info - Walton on the hill station


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I know these tunnels have been done a few times but a little bit more investigation needs to be done, Seen some photos somewhere showing the foundation of the flyover above are pushing through the roof of the tunnel.

When we were kids, we used to play in the old railways tunnels at Walton on the hill...inside the first tunnel heading in from rice lane the third refuge on the left led to a large cavern, at the end of the first tunnel is another hole in the wall with a cavern, and then at the end of the third tunnel at Kirk dale is another large tunnel which just comes to a dead end.

A lot of railway sites say this was going to be another set of tunnels to run along side the ones that are already there joining the little caverns together as one long one, but for some reason they were not completed.

I don’t think this was the case, why half dig a tunnel at kirkdale but not start at Walton and meet in the middle ,a lot of people think that these caverns that appear in the Walton tunnel were eventually going to join up but for anyone who knows these caverns they will see it would be very hard to start digging a tunnel in this way.......why start digging a tunnel from a cavern running alongside a tunnel all the rock would have to be brought out into the main tunnel and then transported down it to the end seems the long way to go around, why not just start at one end like they did at kirkdale and meet in the middle. Also where this secondary tunnel would come out at Walton there was a very large engine shed that would have been in the way

Going back to the first tunnel, the cavern you come to is all brick lined as you pass into it, from what I can Remember then low down on the wall opposite is a small arch and another tunnel leading off it must be about two foot high, (I haven’t been down here for 40 years I have never been down this small tunnel but apparently it leads to a shaft which leads upwards.

It has always been of interest where this shaft leads too and where these caverns going to be some sort of boiler rooms like in the edge hill tunnels.



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Come on guys and girls anyone going to give it a once over for me and finely tell me whats in this cavern and where does the little tunnel lead to.

Thanks guys jasperboxer


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Yes your right there are some great reports but everyone seems to be missing the cavern at the flyover end,when you go in this cavern 3rd refuge on the left as you go in if you look at the wall opposite there is a small tunnel about two foot high that leads off leading to a vertical shaft no one has ever gone down this.When we where kids we used to play in this tunnel but where all to scared to go down this little tunnel in the refuge.Have a look at the second picture with the ball this is the little tunnel you need to crawl through it.


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fairly interesting this. it'd be nice to find another Totley style cavern.

We once walked from Kirkdale station to Walton station when the commuters finished, checking the tunnels out as we went. Unfortunately back then I didnt have such a keen eye for stuff like this and didnt spot anything worthwhile.

stuff like this would be such easier with a simple map, bet Carlin's got one.

Jasper you posted this back in late 09 didnt you, I think it was WIMR's thread that got us out and looking for the different tunnels.


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I went to Alsop school just around the corner in my younger years

And always remember a rumor that there was a manhole cover that lead to a vertical shaft down to the tunnel on top of the sandstone area underneath the flyover

The area where the subway tunnels lead to

Its been landscaped may times over the years so will be buried deep now i guess

But maybe you can still reach it from that small tunnel below ???


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one rumor when we where kids was that this little arch tunnel from within the cavern in the railway tunnel used to lead all the way to Walton church and even on to the old building in allsop school,a lot of the kids to refer to these tunnels as the seven sisters tunnel when in fact the seven sisters where the little ponds at the back of dunlops factory.

I have seen workmen on the roundabout opposite the baths just to the left of the support they had manhole lids up and a tripod above it lowering someone down,I think a poke around there with a stick will easily reveal the covers.When the flyover was constructed they must have extended the manholes upwards from the original floor level so they could gain excess I believe there are some huge deep sewers around there leading off under Walton hall park

These tunnels have always been a mystery to me we used to play in these when we where kids no one ever ventured down this little arch tunnel,love to know where it leads to.



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I was in the area this morning after work last night

So decided to have a 6am mooch news is not good im afraid :banghead

Somebody's had there welding gear down there

Old tunnel gates


New tunnel gates




I did try a few numbers but didn't have time to go through 100,000 combinations

Shit Happens :(


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That will be what the football shirts and flowers tied to the fence in liston street where the Bedford cinema was will be about,sad loss too young to die.



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This has been on my mind since you posted
So this morning thought fcuk its only a three mile hike down the tunnels as there is only one entrance now

This is the only Fly tipping i found in the whole tunnel system

The said tunnel entrance

The tunnel is only about five feet long and maybe one half feet high now


You would need a entrenching shovel and a FRIEND to drag the debris out "As i was alone epic fail Lol"

Also the tunnel is facing the wrong way IE towards the main tunnel

Hard to explain so did a quick sketch for you


Quick pic of the back of the gates before i started the long walk back out

I was a good walk childhood revisited

Sorry the post isn't more productive :(


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Thanks for having a look but Sorry if I wasted your time:( As I have said its years since I was down there but almost certain that little arch being low down on the opposite wall when you walk in that cavern as that would be in the direction of the baths and the huge sandstone part of the roundabout and where the main support for the flyover is, and where the manhole lid would be as the story goes from when we were kids.:confused But from your sketch it looks like this little foot and a half tunnel leads from the cavern to the main tunnel and goes about five foot and has collapsed or has it been filled in for some reason.

I probably know the answer already but was this cavern the one nearest those steel gates, was there another cavern at the end of the first tunnel Liston street or was it at the end of the second tunnel.

Whats those white blocks on the roof off the tunnel that I have seen in other posts are they in the cavern are these the foundations of the flyover coming through the roof,I have also seen in other forums what looks like large concrete slabs on the tunnel floor underneath flyover I wonder if this had something to do with the works that was going on with the flyover a few years ago maybe bases for supports above or something.

Apologizes for all the questions.

Thanks for looking Jasperboxer


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I cannot stop thinking about this place am just looking at a picture of this little arch on here http://www.ukurbex.com/index.php?/topic/873-walton-on-the-hill-tunnels-liverpool/ comparing it with u-534 photo is it possible there is two arches in this cavern as the two photographs are taken only 17 months apart look at the sandstone surrounding the arch and the height of the arch,am lost when we where kids there was always talk that this little arch tunnel led under the flyover towards the baths and led up to a manhole on top of the roundabout you heard the same story's from allsop school ,on the sketch you drawn you show the arch leading from the cavern back into the main tunnel is it possible there are two arch tunnels in the cavern could the one I talk about have been missed,id swear it was opposite as you walk in the cavern.
Cheers Jasperboxer.

Jasper boxer