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Report - Wanson Industrial Boiler Factory, Belgium March 2013


grumpy sod
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I caught this one just before the death knell, I believe, as things were gutted and seemingly ready for demolition. I can't find any other posts about this factory located near Brussels so thought for the records to add one here even though it wasn't the most enlightening explore. Still, it was a big bit of industry and made for a nice easy one especially as during this trip the arrival of ridiculous snowfall in the industrial heartland of Belgium had forced us to rethink the whole second half of this trip.

I actually can't find too much in the way of solid information about this place, in English at least. The company manufactured and serviced industrial boiler equipment, was founded in 1929 and was merged with the larger company Deconinck in 2007 forming Deconinck-Wanson. This resulted in the factory near Brussels being shut down and all production and machinery moved into a new facility nearby.

There's not a lot else to say other than this place was huge. Huge and very empty sadly, although I still found it fairly interesting on the whole.

Thanks for looking :)​