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Wanted - Wanted : Walsall bulkhead industrial lights


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I recently posted seeking large cast iron switchboxes and now have enough for my needs. Thanks to those who helped.

I'm now chasing down rectangular/lozenge shaped FLP lamps by Walsall, a popular choice for hazardous atmospheres like refineries, chemical plants, paint factories and workshops, animal feed factories, breweries, mines, tunnels and the like. There should be plenty of these around as they were built to last and probably several still in daily use up and down the country.

There are two sizes....a 10 kilo small one and an 18 kilo big one, with fins.

Photos attached. Pics taken from Google images in restored condition. I'm expecting them unrestored and probably painted.

Please contact if you have any for sale, or know someone who does.

Glass must be intact. Cage preferred but not critical. Feet intact too....I could probably get the feet/lugs repaired if they are damaged but that will severely impact the price.

Please contact via PM if you have any for sale or know a source.

Cash paid and courier provided, also can accept pallet delivery.

Lights are for my house, to replace existing domestic fittings and not for commercial use.




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28DL Full Member
Skinflint lighting.
Thanks, but these guys try and charge 10 or 20 times what they pay the demo men. Must be running out of gullible buyers by now, particularly in these toughing economic times. They can fool some of the people some of the time and all that.....
The other one-time big salvage specialist, Trainspotters, have stopped buying vintage industrial lighting as the market has moved on. It's no longer the "must-have" fashion or trend for wine bars, pubs, restaurants, retail stores or that concept of furnishing the 'man cave' sellers like to talk so much about.

eBay always turns up a few every now and again, and there are plenty of watchers checking out supply and demand. If the prices get interesting then more start to be offered but there's little demand at the moment, hence the appeal on here.

I'm after 8 of the big ones and 2 of the small ones, if any become available.





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Its true the fashion has moved on but so have the factories that used to be full of them. Supply and demand keeps the prices buoyant to some extent.