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Report - Wardley Colliery / The Zone - Newcastle - September 2018


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This was an old Colliery (as suggested by the name), but it only started mining coal in 1871, after being purchased by somebody beforehand. I couldn't find any information on that. It was then later closed in 1911 as it was replaced by another Colliery (Follingsby Colliery). A little less than 50 years later, the Colliery was bought back to life in 1959 as it merged with Follingsby. There has been said to have been tunnels under the Colliery, but there's nothing which I could find which could suggest that it's true, but they were said to have been very long and going to many places to transfer coal.

In 1974 it closed down permanently. In 2007 it was re-opened as a paintball factory. But it closed down afterward due to being pretty unsuccessful. Ever since it's just laid there.

It's been set on fire many times by arsonists (Not 100% sure about this one though)

The Exploration

Me and my cousin ( @sammal02 ) with one of his friends (offsite) went here. Since I went to Newcastle we decided to hit some places up. This one was the first place we went to. It's pretty easy to get in, and very accessible. It's not protected by anything major. You can easily get in through one of the many broken down fences. Just be warned, many people go here, for more than just exploring. The place itself is nice to go around and look around, It's very unstable though and has lots of places which are made out of pure wood, including the roofs, so be careful. It was a nice explore in general, but very dirty and messy. I wish it was a bit cleaner and more things to explore.

There have been cases of drunken people, drugs and just illegal activities in general. On top of this, there are people who walk their dogs and we've seen a car or two drive past in the area, so be careful when exploring! One car slowed down a bit while we were exploring and I think at a point it halted and looked around.

While there we also met some people, just casual teenagers, looked roughly our age, but they weren't doing much to the place. Worth a try going down there, just make sure to be careful!


The "main" building.

Right view from a "roof"

Left views from a "roof"



One of the buildings

Inside of the buildings, there wasn't anything too interesting. Mainly it was just what looked like old bathrooms, random walls, half of it was made out of wood (flooring) so it was inaccessible, but nothing too worthy of taking photos of from the inside - the same old, same old stuff in there.

Video Link:
(Apologises that video might be a little shaky and/or contain black parts. I didn't have a head mount for my camera at this time, which now I do! Next video should be better!)

Was a very nice explore! Might come back one day since it was a sweet spot.​
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