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Report - Warrington Storm Bunker - 14/09/2013


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited with Telf1980 and my Son Ellis (age9)

Built in the 1980s for the eventuality of a 1 in 30 year storm, the bunker is a 7 mile long concrete monster of a system.

The bunker is a storm drain located in the Southern area of Warrington, taking overflow water from various rivers and carrying it underground to the outfall at the Manchester Ship Canal. Built in the 80's the system spans a length of around 7 miles to the end and back. It incorporates various inspection chambers (some 3 storeys tall), a huge junction chamber, and massive steps which create a loud whooshing noise down. Also there is an impressive swirl chamber towards the start of the drain with a large downfall pipe, to slow the energy of the incoming water and drop it to the drain below. There is also a sewer pipe running next to the drain.

access is pretty easy through a man hole, you just have to find it ;-) which we did thanks to Telf

Telf1980 will be putting his pics on to this report as we only took a few between us






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