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Information - Warrington Storm Drain - Lymm (can you help?)


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Hey everyone,
I live in warrington and have accessed this website for a long time for ideas of cool places in the local area and not too far away to explore as its awesome and has never failed me

I've been to the garden centre, the abondoned gas station and daresbury hall all this week,(most recent warrington updates) they are all quite cool. (bar darsburys kinda very dangerous upstairs. But there is a trampoline in one of the buildings, whats not to love?)

The one place i've always wanted to visit more than any other is the storm dreain in lymm, which i have ideas as to its whereabouts (By Thelwall Viaduct towards Lymm Village) using google maps along with knowledge that it links to the ship canal, somewhere around that area anyway.

I was hoping that someone would be able to help me find one of the many enterances as it is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack out there, please and thank you for any of your help as this would be hugly apreciated as I and a few friends have recently been researching constantly and exploring the area to try to find it, and havent seen a single post on it on here for almost 2 years on the subject so, if you could help would be very apreciated.

(If you'd like to also visit there, just get in touch and we can go as I am super ready to explore those tubes!)

Thank you kindly,

Josh - warrington

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