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Report - Warrington Transporter Bridge, March 2012


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Missed out the history on my reports so far - so thank you Ojay, whose report is far more comprehensive than ours so it begs the question what our repot actually offers the site, but hey.

The Warrington Transporter Bridge (or Bank Quay Transporter Bridge) was opened across the tidal River Mersey in 1916

Designed by William Henry Hunter, and built by contractor Sir William Arrol at a cost of £34,000, to conect parts of the Joseph Crosfield and Son Ltd soap and chemical works

It was originally one of two such bridges at this location, the other having been built in 1905

Initially it carried railway trucks up to 18 tonnes in weight but was converted for road vehicles in 1940 and upgraded to 30 tonne weight limit in 1953

The double steel cantilevers on each tower support a central 61m (200 ft) span of riveted mild steel plates and angles

The overall length of the structure is 103m (339 ft) and it provides 23m (76 ft) clearance at high water

The firm of Joseph Crosfield & Sons Ltd continued to thrive and grow after his death, producing a variety of chemicals

In 1911 it was purchased by Brunner,Mond & Company and 1919 it was absorbed into Lever Brothers

From 1929, Crosfield was a subsidiary of Unilever

In 1997 it was acquired by ICI and in 2001, When Ineos Capital purchased the company, the Crosfield name was finally lost as it was renamed Ineos Silicas

The bridge is listed by English Heritage as Grade II but is currently on their Buildings at Risk Register because of its poor condition and deteriorating ironwork

It is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The bridge is preserved under a 50 year lease in possession of Warrington Borough Council (expires 2027)
'poor condition and deteriorating ironwork' doesn't quite cover it for me, I think with a bit of time I could personally pull the thing apart rusty piece by rusty piece....
We certainly ascended slowly - the gappy stairs wouldn't withstand a pacey climb I reckon.





This room was full of pigeons and their many... leavings. Bad smells entail.

Some ginge with the view in the background. The view is pretty good from the bridge.

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