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Report - Warrington Transporter Bridge, Warrington - February 2013


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There are three transporter bridges in the UK, and having already done two of them I’ve sort of half heartedly wanted this one for a while. The thing is, it’s the least impressive of the three and by far in the worst condition. But it was about time it was done, so a few of us met up to go have a crack. We chose to free climb up the outside of the structure opposed to taking the stairs. Up top, the wooden floorboards are rotten and some move underfoot, and there are metal railings rusted and hanging off. It’s properly nackered. However, to quote Bigjobs ‘it is what you make of it’. Despite the bridge being really quite crap, it was a good laugh. We spent a good hour at least up there, got some photos, chilled out, had a chat, drank some coffee to get warm (it was freezing!) and wobbled our heads for many failed attempts of people shots.



The Warrington transporter bridge, also known as Bank Quay transporter bridge, is a Grade II listed structure, which spans the River Mersey. IT was built in 1915 and was taken out of use around 1964. It has a span of 200ft., and is 339ft. long overall. It has a width of 30ft. and stands 76ft. above water level.

The bridge is privately owned and was originally built to carry rail vehicles of up to 18 tonnes between two parts of Joseph Crosfield And Sons chemical and soap works. In 1940 it was converted to carry road vehicles, and in 1953 it was converted again to carry a load of 30 tonnes.

It is one of three transporter bridges that once spanned the Mersey. Another was situated in Warrington, North of the bridge, and the other in Runcorn. Both were constructed in 1905, but were dismantled many years ago.

‘Let’s get off this piece of shit’. Good idea. We decided upon the stairs for the way down. My days, we thought the top was nackered! Every step is rusted, most of them ready to give way – and that’s the steps that are still there. Railings are hanging off, platforms have corroded to nothing. It’s one hell of a sketchy staircase – certainly the worst I’ve ever set foot on! I may have got a photo of it, but it didn’t feel safe to be stood in one place for too long..!


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All three done at last!

Thanks for looking!​

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