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Report - washington subway station, Chicago, USA


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Washingt0n Red line station closed down back in 2006 when construction on Block 37 (which itself is oddly semiabandoned) began above it. The idea was that the CTA would build a 'superstation' in between the two Washingt0ns (which are parallel under Dearborn and State streets, a few blocks apart) and route special express trains through it to provide premium service to travelers leaving from Chicago's two airports.

Not surprisingly, this scheme didn't work. The budget went all the way up to $100m over before the powers-that-be pulled the plug on the project in 2008. However, as a result of the work already done to the station (ie: the demolition of the transfer tunnel to the Blue Line, the conversion of the station entrances into sidewalk planters, etc.), the CTA decided to simply keep it closed and remove it from their route maps, making it for all intents and purposes Chicago's first ghost metro station.





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