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Report - Water Eaton, Grain Silo, Oxford!! January 2013. First Successful Explore!


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Hey guys so this is my first post, done with a non member. Attempted another location previous to this one but it was a no go. I was not left wanting after exploring this site twice in a day, first visit was just a scouting mission, finding ways in and out all that Jazz! Hence the day light photo's our entry was at night fall, hence the dark pictures!

History - Water Eaton Grain Silo is a WW2 strategic grain silo between Kidlington and Oxford, next to the crossing of the main road from Kidlington to Oxford and the Oxford to Bletchley railway line. It follows a standard pattern common to other wartime silos and takes the form of two banks of ten seven storey high cylindrical reinforced concrete silos side by side with the space between them filled by a brick access shaft. In the shaft is the associated grain handling machinery and two enormous grain driers which extend the full height of the building. It was built in the early 1940s and closed in the late 1980s.

"Source - http://wesleybrown.co.uk/water-eaton-grain-silo/ "

We did the scout just two of us and had planned to group up with two mates later and go in two, two man teams but we grew impatient and decided to just go for it! It was a rush and a buzz avoiding the buses and people going to their cars AND a flash light being pointed around a couple times, we made it in!

I felt like a camp James Bond!

It was a festival of nerves, excitement, anxiety and also fear!!! but it awesome. The photo's are quite poor, the camera we had was below par, I was very eager to explore before we were "caught" or "died" but did my best to capture anything that caught my eye in the hope it would catch other peoples too =]

Advise, and comments welcome! I know I need a new camera and better gear =]

I was totally stunned When I First Saw This Place

I think It Was An Old Thermostat

Looks Like A Face....A Rusty Face.


The Holes put me on extreme edge!!!!



Who or What? threw that thing down the hole?


I'm not a big fan of being on top a shallow, rainy, windy, slippery roof but the view's were so worth it!!


Pigeons Sleep In There!!


My Friend had to take this picture, I didn't dare get near it!! That is along way down : /



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