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Report - Water Tower, Dover. June 2020

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28DL Full Member
Like many people, I've been dying to get back out on a good explore and blow the cobwebs off. Knowing too well that going out on a solo explore over the past 2-months has been a big no no, from both a safety perspective plus the unnecessary strain any cock up would put on our already over stretched ambulance service. So, when I drove past this particular location and it caught my eye I marked it down as one to come back to in a few weeks. A quick bit of research on the net and I decided to pay it a visit during my lunch break. A lovely bit of surrounding woods I almost decided to do some wildlife photography instead. But being on the clock I got straight to it. Due to the over growth of trees and bushes it's not possible to walk fully around the immediate structure, but the sections that mattered were accessible. A heavy ladder was in place leaning against the wall, just under an outer wall ladder which ran all the way above the tower to the water tank on top. Unfortunately although the initial ladder was strong it fell a few feet short of the main ladder. Clearly some turd had been up to the top as they had utilised a dodgy piece of hosepipe tied to the bottom rung. Given that I'm not a fan of heights, and really did not want to be the latest 'look what this bellend has done' contender I gave trying to make the climb on a shitty piece of old hosepipe a miss. I then felt obligated to save any local kids from getting into a potentially dangerous situation. A quick run back to the car for an extra bit of kit, and I was back up the ladder cutting the hosepipe in half. Then I moved the ladder out of sight. Now that was done it was time to crack on. Next to the ladder was an entry point which I believe the owner had made, as there are no other access points. Crutching down and proceeding insidewith my trusty Nitecore torch I stepped into the first of two rooms. In short the interior is divided down the middle by a very unsteady wall. An archway in the middle provides access to the other side, and thankfully the wall is being supported with scaffolding. There were ladder rungs on the interior wall which lead straight to the ceiling but there was no hatch or anywhere to go from there so I didn't bother. There was some industrial type markings on the wall, which I hope show up in my photo images. So, after a few shots it was time to get back to work but it felt good to get out again.

Bit of history:
This cylindrical building and former water tower dates back to 1906. The current owner bought the premises in the hope of developing it into flats, which if you had the top one would certainly provide awesome views and is set on 0.08 hectares.

Well folks, that's it till next time. Stay safe people