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Report - Water Tower, Great Gaddesden April 2014


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28DL Full Member
Went and had a look around here last month after seeing it on here. I know this area well (obviously not as well as I thought)! so this was a no brainer!

It's split into two parts; there's the water tower itself which is the best part and this has the spiral staircase and some good graffiti on the second floor. The second part was just like a large one story shed; has a few signs indicating a deep well but we couldn't locate it inside but it doesn't mean it isn't there so was very careful! Didn't go to far in and very dark.

In the tower we went up to the third story but as another report suggests I wouldn't attempt the ladder to go on to the roof. It's accessible from the third floor after climbing up another interior ladder but even the platform for the outside ladder has deteriorated and fallen away (included a picture below). To be honest it's pretty awesome views from the windows anyway and the rooms are good little explores.

There isn't a lot of history on this Water Tower; it seems to have been abandoned for a long time but apart from it begin a Water Tower once there's little to be said of it on the internet. There wasn't anyone around to ask as it stands in the middle of Hoo Wood. The only thing close by was what seemed to be a farmers house but thought better to go ask and make ourselves obvious! However the area is really nice so if you're making a day of it have an adventure through a couple of places round here as it's a national trust area. In Little Gaddesden down the road there's a place called Golden Valley which is pretty awesome and not well known and some nice places to have an essential pub lunch on an adventure!