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Report - Waterloo Lake Overflow & Roundhay Tunnels, Leeds - October 2010.


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Waterloo Lake Overflow & Roundhay Tunnels - Visited By Ojay & Woodburner.co.uk

This one had been pushed down the list for sometime now, so whilst in the area (sort of) decided to drag WB along for a mooch.

Built in the 1800's by Napoleonic Soldiers, this man-made lake dominates Roundhay Park, Leeds.

Originally this area was heavily mined for Coal, Iron & Clay dating back to the 12th Century, now Waterloo lake (12-15ha) occupies this age old land.

The lake is fed by the Wyke Beck from the North, with a more modern overflow system being constructed in recent times, replacing the old waterfall and drainage system.

The new levelling system carries water down a slide,



into a 30ft deep man-made culvert


and out through this concrete box of tricks which runs South through nearby Woodland and on towards the River Aire.

Bit of a stoop towards the end eh WB :D


To the left the Stone Arch presents another system, the Outfall from the original overflow.

Once inside, quickly gives way to a brick tunnel which leads underneath the Park towards where was once situated the Old 'Lido' (outdoor baths).


Continuing for around 100 yards, the tunnel comes to an abrupt end.

On the left you can see the bricked up remains of the original overflow


ahead, the stone wall where the old waterfall was once located.


On the left a 200yd (approx) RCP runs it's course towards Waterloo lake.

WB sadly couldn't make it up due to wellie fail, by this point I was so distracted by my shiteye that I just thought fuck it and trudged through!


After slippin' & Slidin' the entire length of the RCP it eventualy turned a final corner,


and again came to an abrupt end? Although water still runs through here from the lake


All-in-all we had a good old nite of draining, apart from the 'eye' incident earlier. I managed 2 hours of sleep before dragging my arse off to Hospital to finally get checked out..

Shouts to Woodburner :thumb (Click)



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