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Report - - Wearmouth Uni Halls & Student Bar 4.10.07 | High Stuff |

Report - Wearmouth Uni Halls & Student Bar 4.10.07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Been in before, when it was open, the cafeteria (pretty good actually), the two shops, the student union/sports & rec offices, listed lecture theatre. but when it was open and trading last year :D

but its been scheduled for demo since may, was mean't to be a pile of rubble by now, but thankfully MGL (spelling?) demolition ltd are a very slow bunch :rolleyes:

almost every door, every wall, every floor, every step, every weird looking bit of material has had a hole punched in it, I gather for collecting samples for hazardous materials, which is a bit of a shame, but still..

info here ( on the boilerhouse in the edinburgh engeering department (now defunk, progress eh!) always made some great noises this boilerroom (HUGE) and heated half the building just from the heat irradiating thru the walls/ground! tehe.
info there on what will happen when. seems they intend to do most of the demo work over the uni terms, rather than in the more than amble summer break, an ideal way of disrupting a (3rd?) third year of works/'improvements' to city campus, just been a constant building site, not ideal for students.

ON with the pictures. went with a mate who hasn't done much exploring before, but its only access that is hard, once in its pretty simple.

apolgies, no external pics, was too tired to get em.


the 'improved/facelifted' edinburgh building (nb, they improved the admin offices twice before even beginning to think about the students areas :mad:) and the completly overhauled gateway (shoved all the relevent departments out onto the building work infested corridoors of edinburgh buildings, departments which then closed due to no new students attending, due to crapness).


the listed end of wearmouth hall lecture theatre.its a nice space and a nice theatre, but always had hundreds of 'psycology' students in it (a course which the uni thinks is the 'new way forward' rather than maths, and physics and applied mechanics, you know the building blocks of britain.


inside the lecture theatre! other than some asbesto's in the lower exterior walls there is nothing wrong with this space and I hope they keep it, but I know they will 'accedntly' knock it down beyond repiar, then total th rest of it :mad:


'the guns of navar... cough, erm wearmouth :p


oh bugger, my house is in this pic


thankfully the mobile phone masts and police/taxi radio type masts and all the equipment is now gone so you can stand on th top floor without your brain exploding!


my favourite walkway, its outside, but links two interior spaces and th mosque. has some really nice doorways from the upper lecture theatre/cafeteria to the mosque/central residence staircase (PIR'd and alarmed, yes they do work, I tested them back in term time). has a really battered marque type roof over it! its always been tattered like that LOL.


moving intothe kitchens, no wonder almost all the meals were always late/not enough food to go round, almost all the equipment is broken, nearly broken or a complete deathtrap!


the main staircase from lower shop/lecture level upto the residents entrance to 9floors of accomadtion and upper theature, fancy cafe, conference rooms, students union/sports and rec offices.
note the herinbone parque floor has been ripped up :sobs:


I used to sit on these with my mates between lectures! expresso choc was the drink of choice, 55p of intense choclately fueled caffine :cool:


thought I heard someone!


last rounds, get yer last rounds in! I was there for the last night of wearmouth bar last year, was pretty grim to say the least.


underneath the bar in the cellers, didn't smell none to healthy down there, the contractors have been using it as a toilet when theres running water in the bathrooms :rolleyes:


one for rooks tehe ;)

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