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Lead or Rumour info - Wedgwood Memorial College, Barlaston, near Stoke


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No idea what this will be like inside - it consists of large houses that have been converted into a college of some sorts for the Wedgwood Pottery. I drove past last week and noticed it was surrounded with Herras. There are two parts to the site, the main building and the Estoril building as indicated on the map below. A cursory glance around the grounds revealed both to be out of use with no signs of any work going on, but it was dark so I'll leave it to someone else to see what's inside.


StreetView of Estoril, the smaller of the two sites:


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One I've been interested in for years, however secured by the councils favourite company CBI, who tend to be excellent at keeping things tight.

I've not been up to the Wedgwood site for some time, but the amount of work that has gone on is quite phenomenal. The majority of the factory has been remodelled, parts demolished with huge new buildings. On the grassland between the factory and Wedgwood village a load of ridiculously expensive properties have been built, which they were struggling to sell. I believe there are plans to build even more housing which is a shame as the surroundings of the factory were really lovely.