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Report - Weeton ROC Post (Lancashire) - August 2020


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Took a trip to Weeton last August to go explore this post, but unfortunately it seems the land owner has locked up the post. I imagine this is only to deter vandals, so I will get in contact at some point to see if I can gain permission.
The walk to get there was quite nice as the weather was lovely but once I had arrived at the post it seemed like it had fallen into quite a bit of disrepair over the years, with the slats from the vents broken off/missing and the hatch stuck slighty open. Unable to say for the interior however, but hopefully it isnt too bad!
Anyway, here are the photos I got of the access hatch, BPI plate and the ventilation shaft:



And heres the best I could do for the interior, down the access ladder:



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28DL Full Member
Copied this from Sub Brit website from a visit back in 1999.

In a square compound at the end of a line of telegraph poles on top of a low hilltop, 120 yards South of Wadden Lane at its junction with Vicarage Bank.
LOCKED All surface features remain intact with some flaking of the green paint. The access shaft is on a raised concrete plinth with the FSM and BPI pipes also on concrete. The hatch is locked. There is a broken sign on the ground nearby which says ‘Private Property MOD (Air)’. The surrounding land owner (Waddon Farm) doesn’t know who owns the land, he was never offered it and was not informed of the sale by auction. He was told by the MOD that it was bought by a man in Derby who bought 6 posts.
Opened in 1960 and closed in 1991.

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