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Report - Weldtech, Britannia Works, Ossett - 10th December 2017

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There is no history on this place well as i could see after a 1hour google browse. So i personally think this was a car repair garage or a place were they smelted metal. Here is a pic of a car so I'm going with it been a car repair garage more than a smelters yard.

I know this just looks like a bunch of scrap metal. It should have been a cinematic pic of the engine

This is an over view of the car it was an MG Spitfire which to see outside an abandoned building is impressive but i guess it is only Ossett

Upon arriving to Weldtech, Britannia Works we was quite startled by the size of the place. At first we thought it was going to be a shed in the middle of nowhere like most explores are theses days. After getting out of the car and crossing the main road we also saw that the entry was very easy, well climbing through a massive hole in a gate is as hard as it gets. The guard dog sign wasn't very convincing either.

Before climbing in through the fence it was snowing pretty badly but when we climbed through the fence it really picked up pace I'm only saying this because i have these pics of it snowing past the works.

This one is my favourite pic of the day

After walking around the permitter about 3 times to see if there were any guard dogs we found ourselves going to the outhouse. We was very confused by this outhouse because it had a toilet in it. They must not have had proper pluming inside they main works. But there were a second room we didn't get chance to look in. From tarkovsky thread i think the second room in the outhouse contained newspapers, paperwork and technical manuals.

Of course we dint get any pics inside the outhouse you will just have to take out word for it thank black ice

The windows on the building looked very nice... they reminded me of george barnsley for some strange reason, probably because of the metal on them and the naughts and crosses type patten. But here are some pics of the windows

Took on my buddy's iPhone

Took on my buddy's iPhone

I guess it was time to stop pissing around on the outside and head inside. Firstly we headed a little cupboard attached to the side of the main building. Here we saw some clock-in-cards and some sweet posters some old oil-cans too the youths must have moved them.

This reminds me of work way too much

This explore is worth going to just for random crap left behind like this

Time to head in the main building. The main building itself was extremely dangerous because of the fire damage on the top floor, it felt like the metal parts on the roof were going to fall on you at any time. It was totally worth it finding the machinery scatted around still in tacked was amazing, they probably still worked. As i could see there was no harmful chemicals on the roof but there was a lot of ash scatted around the place from the fire.

What the hell is this?

This is a nice piece of machinery

A car body?

The chair pic is blurry :banghead

Why break this sign...

We just had time to have a look at the side of the building where we found a little sliver of a shed some interesting finds there...

And thats it. After that we decided to leave mainly because our toes felt like they were failing off. But i would say this is a good little wonder if your board one day :thumb