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Report - Weldtech, Britannia Works, Ossett, December 2017


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Other than the fact that this was a small welding and mechanical engineering firm, there isn’t much information online on this place. The site consists of a main workshop building that feels like it could blow down in the next strong wind, as well as a couple of unassuming outbuildings (one of which, it turns out, contains treasure). This building has recently suffered a fire, meaning the small upper level is no longer easily accessible. Visited solo, on the way to somewhere else... ended up spending longer here than I had anticipated.

Worth a visit if you’re passing, however, for a few reasons...


A car... My expert automobile knowledge allows me reveal that this is an old car. It’s also blue. And ruined...


The unassuming shed at the front of the site features piles and piles (and piles) of old newspapers, paperwork and technical manuals.

July 1st 1966

Few more pics here


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