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Report - Wenlock Court, Gorton - January 2013


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Striving to perfect my procrastination skills during my time at university I found myself answering a call from BurntSquirrel asking if I wanted to have a look at an old house in a park in Gorton. As usual I didn't take much persuading and before I know it we're having a look around probably one of the most dilapidated houses I've ever been in. Facing the realisation that the evening was close to being a complete write off I remembered about the high rise tower blocks that had begun to pop up on here. A quick consult with Google maps on our phones confirmed we were within striking distance and off we went to have a nose.

I can't find much history or information on these buildings other than this report from Manchester City Council (dated December 2009) detailing a 10 year regeneration plan for West Gorton including the demolition of the two high rise tower blocks during phase one of the plan:



We massively derped trying to access the buildings but eventually figured it out. The interiors are bare and have been ravaged by vandals and metal thieves. In all honesty I wasn't particularly interested in the interior and just wanted to get onto the roof, especially as we'd left our vehicles in a not so savoury part of town and I didn't fancy a long walk home...

14 stories later and we're out in the open. Our climb was rewarded with great views over Manchester and quite a relaxing place to take it all in. There are a large number of buildings surrounding the tower blocks that are boarded up and presumably ready for demolition which means that the area is actually rather quiet.



I didn't particularly fancy climbing the transmitter at the top as it was cold and windy enough as it was!


With that I felt we'd chanced our vehicles long enough on what I've been told isn't exactly the right side of town and thought it best to head for home. The views were fantastic and definitely saved what was looking to be a bit of a washout evening!​