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Report - wentworth d-day control bunker 23/01/2010


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visit with urbanjunky,tucker and spungletrumpet

this was a late addition to an already wicked day, cheers guys for the tour round :thumb

designed by Sir Harley Dalrymple-Hay, the bunker consist of two 25ft diameter tunnels built in parallel to each other with a 12 ft diameter tunnels lined with cast iron tunnel segments as used on the London Underground tube network running throught the center with , the small tunnel was the main walk through with the big tunnels being sectioned of and turned in to small rooms for staff and equipment and taking 2 years to complete. there are 2 entrance and exits

home of the GHQ signals, occupied by the No1 HQ signals regiment, the bunker was built under the wentworth estate, which is now a golf course

subbrit link http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/sites/w/wentworth/index.shtml

having looked at the map and the site before hand i was expecting a small place but once in there, the place does look bigger and alot longer, there isnt much left in there in terms of artifacts but its worth seeing if your in the area

at the top of the closed access tunnel


bottom of the closed access tunnel


access tunnel connecting to the main service tunnel



service tunnel door way


inside the 25ft tunnels with some of the small section of rooms



looking from the service tunnel in to the small rooms with a room devider in the middle


looking from a small room into the service tunnel


main service tunnel




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Datsun and myself went up with Urban Junky a few weeks ago,we thought we were busted at one point as there were some loud banging noises coming from the area of the demolished access,a rather over the top tunnel for somewhere that wasn't bombed much during the war.

But as the Wentworth site was a backup to the site in Bushy Park "teddington" then it all makes sense

Where During World War II, General Dwight D. Eisenhower planned the D-Day landings from Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) at Camp Griffiss in the Park. A memorial by Carlos Rey to the Allied troops who fell on D-Day now marks the spot where General Dwight D. Eisenhower's tent stood.

Eisenhower had a bunker in this park where he spent the last year of the war.

After speaking to the park wardens i found out the bunker was uncovered about 5years ago whilst some ground work was being carried out,NOthing of intrest was found and the bunker was back filled :(

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