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Report - Wentworth estate, South Yorkshire - January 2016

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Wentworth Woodhouse, one of the finest Georgian houses in England has recently had a sale agreed to a Hong Kong based investment company.


Painting from A Complete History of the County of York by Thomas Allen (1828–30)

'Woodhouse' is hardly befitting a name. It's a grandiose mansion with the longest facade in Europe (>600ft) and is bigger than Buckingham Palace. The history is full of intrigue and feud - Wikipedia's article is a starting point.

At £8 million the Lake House Group may have paid less than the price of some London flats, but it'll be many times that amount to restore and maintain.

The stunning house continues to open occasionally for tours, so it was decided to investigate the outlying parts to see what else the new owners will be taking on.

Follies dot the estate and surrounding areas - this is the Rockingham Monument or Mausoleum at dawn. It's no longer part of the estate.


About a mile away, fenced off Doric Temple forms an equilateral triangle with the above and Hoober Stand, a 100ft pyramidal watchtower, each visible from the other two.

Doric Temple

Through fields and woodland, disturbing hundreds of pheasants, a pond full of ducks and 2 foxes, theatrically avoiding a (gamekeeper's?) buggy en route, the 1500ft long South Wall was located and overcome, allowing the folly at the end of the terrace, Ionic Temple to be captured and the view across South Yorkshire admired.


It was built c1735.

Hercules is clubbing a mythical beast.

Grade II* listed at-risk Camellia House - rear conservatory.




West of the house is the former stables and riding school. It became part of Lady Mabel College which taught would-be female PE teachers.


Now a handful of small businesses occupy the stables and some activity takes place in the newer part of the college which includes a swimming pool, but much lies derelict, including the riding school-turned-gym.




Basketball courtyard.


Magazines up to 50 years old - this Tatler is from the early 80s.


Rain started to fall. These grey, functional halls of residence to the north-west were doubtful the deal-maker.


Finally, the eastern front.


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I was at the college a few week back on an ambassador training course for my university, why did I not go for a little wander had all my kit with me too daaaaymn. Anyway interesting report ;)

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