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Report - West Bromwich Springs Ltd. April-may 2013 Numerous visits.

David Wakelam

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Sorry if this is a bit crap but its a report..
Heres some info about the place.

The Spring LTD (West Bromwich) 2013 (Multiple visits)
The former spring factory is now increasing in dereliction.
5 Years ago the owner (Unknown) Never came back into work and still hasnt been back to this date, He left over five hundred thousand pounds worth of machinery and a further two hundred thousand pounds worth of metal at the site, At leaft a quater of the site is still in use with only 22 staff working there- 20 men and 2 women but 40 years ago over 450 people were working there 200+ women and the rest men.
The owner still rents the buisiness out too the workers but never appears on site.
The man who gave us (me and my friend liam) a tour around the rarther derelict site said he thinks "Its because people kept robbing the led off of the roofs and people kept breaking into the building and it would have cost too much to fix" So the owner never came back because he kept getting robbed on the site.
Much of the site is not in use, rooms have been left with loads of machinery, folders, metal, and plenty of other things that they used to produce on the site.
The man who showed us around said "We dont use it because we cant and much of the things that have been left didnt pass the safety checks back in 2007 so they couldnt be used".

He also showed us three machines of which the owner braught at auction back in 2005 and because they were to big to get in on the back of a lorry they had to be craned over a mesenine and then lowered into place just to find that all three didnt work he said "He payed almost hundred thousand for all three just not to work".

Ignore my friend at the side.

Wasn't allowed up there, shame tbh..

Unused factory area.


Something about this one that I like.

Never a good thing to see ahah.

Old office.

These three things never really worked.

Apparently over 20;000 pounds worth of metal in this room alone was left.

Outside the building before gaining permission to enter.

Just a pile of folders.

Nice table :)

Just looking at the light wbu?

That is all thank you for viewing...



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They still make springs there. They were bought out at one point, the exact details are murky and they were expected to close but the building has had some work done to it in recent years so it looks a lot less derelict now.

Chris Harris

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Were you on a visit there? I walk past the place quite a lot and it facinates me. It looks as if production just stopped - on the offices at least


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Id just be a bit careful there thats all. The place looks pretty derelict and is in places but a lot is still used. The workers are friendly enough if you turn up and ask them about it.