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Report - West Camden Catacombs/Rat Hole Tunnel, London, Feb '12


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My original intention was to go and visit St. Clement’s in Bow, but after scrambling up a wall only to have a hi-vis clad secca see me from directly below, I departed with a cheery ‘bye’ leapt back down and decided to have a go at finding this. As I wasn’t expecting going underground I didn’t have any nice lights for visual effects, so these will have to do for now.

A little history:
The Western Horse Tunnels, like their eastern counterparts have largely survived. At its western end, where it formerly emerged as a ramp to the LNWR stables, the tunnel has been blocked at Gloucester Avenue, and part incorporated into a restaurant there. This is the only part accessible to the public, albeit in private ownership. The horse stairs that connected the tunnel with Allsopp’s stables have been retained as part of the development at 42 Gloucester Avenue, as has the tunnel to the east including the horse stairs that now lead up into Gilbey’s Yard. The Western Horse Tunnel carries major electric cables, some of which lead into the empty carriage tunnel, via an 80 ft (24 m) deep access shaft. The up empty carriage line, or " The Rat Hole" runs from just south of Primrose Hill Tunnel where it used to connect to the up slow Broad Street line which in turn connected to the up slow Euston line just prior to the Central Tunnel Mouth. The North London line diverged from the Euston line at this point line and crossed over the Euston electric lines which are in tunnel at this point and the Rat hole diverges to the east before swinging west a it then itself tunnelled under the North London line just before Chalk Farm Station and emerged having crossed under the west coast main line on the Euston access route to Camden Locomotive Shed - now off peak sidings for Silverlink.

Everyone likes a nice map.







ernest king

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thanks for the report have explored the area myself and found it interesting , but not to the depth you have.
have just found this website and cant keep away...evcellent