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Report - West Park Asylum, Epsom - February 2011


Khan't touch this.
Hey all, this is Part 2 of our (Olz and I) West park visit, it's still not fully covered, so damn vast and may even need a 3rd day if it's still about :p

I did update the original thread here: http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=688422#post688422

But I don't know if the updates are visible immediately to new viewers or only people who are already subscribed to the thread so here's a new report update to accompany part 1.

This time round there was active construction on the far side, there was a workman busy in the area leading up to the padded cell building so couldn't get to that on this occasion. All doors were pretty much busted open, appeared as if things are being prepared to be knocked down and workmen markers and tarps are up as well around the tunnels and so on. I imagine it won't be around much longer and there are signs at the edge of WP saying that new housing is "coming soon" so people should go while they still can if it's not ticked off on your lists yet!



















I imagine Olz will update his pics shortly too.


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