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Report - West Park Asylum, Epsom Nov 11


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So this is my first report
Please be gentle on me: P forgive me if I don’t do it correctly!

Two accomplices and me set off for Epsom at sunrise,
This is our first exploration, not much thought or research went into it, it was pure spontaneity. We choose west park Lunatic Asylum purely for the fact its one of the most popular destinations for urban explorers, unfortunately a lot of information on the internet is very out of date, so we really didn’t know the state of the place until we got there! I wish I had found the forum before hand and I would have known just how demolished this place is!!
Nevertheless at least I can say I am one of the last people to ever get a chance to photograph the remains…

As you can see from the following map (red = our path, blue: points of interest)


Starting point: Horton lane (then through Epsom polo club)

It took about 2 hours just to get into the site, after crawling through the bush’s/fields next to west park, and coming across a staggering amount of scary looking horses, we found a nice little gap in the fence

Our first sight that we were in the right place looked a little like this:

as we edged closer and closer to the site the sound of construction work was overwhelming, not to mention the ‘danger’ signs everywhere but it did not deter us! We proceeded in total ninja mode, all rational thoughts running through my head were completely ignored, this had to be done, I just had to see what remained no matter what obstacles lay in my path.

As you can see from the next picture (lighter higher blue blip on map), our first glimpse of ruins awaits, a pile of trash at first then we looked closer at the objects. TV’s, record players (all recognisable from other pictures on the internet when doing our research, before nicely stacked in a room, now thrown away without a glimpse of remorse)

We came across a set of steps next to the pile of items (presumably once in a building) but totally isolated from everything and alone, at the bottom, a passageway left or right, both ways far too dark to see where they lead. We realised there was a lot of exposed wires, and we wasn’t sure if they were live so decided to continue our journey.


After playing cat and mouse for 20 minutes with a JCB in the woods we finally spotted a building:

(dark blue area on map lower region)


I wish I knew what these buildings were before and perhaps by looking at my map someone will be able to tell me.

for all they are now….

Are empty shells ☹

So after sprinting down a huge pile of rubble with three builders on our right hard at work we finally got into the first building:

















Unfortunately , after our getaway we were pretty traps by builders and machines and surprised none of them noticed us (or said anything if they did) that we had to go back the way we came and could not continue to explore any other area’s of the site, even though im sure the other buildings were the same

But… as we were leaving, one old friend decided to say hello

We will miss you friend


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