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Report - West Park Asylum, Epsom - October 2010


Khan't touch this.

Hello! This is my first report ever. I urbex with the man himself, Olz9181 and Yesterday we covered virtually half of West Park Asylum. I had received intel from another friend of mine with some vital info that helped us greatly but sadly due to time constraints we were unable to cover the whole site so expect Part II in the near future :Not Worthy

Other people have posted the history for WP Asylum already so I won't go into great detail but here are the cliffs:

- The Asylum was completed in 1917 after being in planning since 1906, it was part of a network of hospitals and used to be able to house 2000 patients.

- It used to have its own railway but this was removed in the 50s.

- There was a major arson attack at the hospital in 2003 which destroyed the central main hall.

The whole site is like a mini city in itself with huge kitchens and halls, it houses a network of corridors and things and there is active security there with alarms around many buildings and entrances.

I can't go into details for obvious reasons but if you do visit there then just take it slow and easy is all I can advise!

Great care and caution was taken when we were there (even though the hours seemed to fly by) - It was like playing a game of Splinter Cell!

Almost all of the outer buildings we covered had collapse flooring which are weak throughout and in almost all of these rooms we found evidence of persons unknown using flatboards and cupboards as well as spring bed frames to patch soft flooring to get across.

Many rooms were also waterlogged and the passeges beneath them were extremely thick and muddy. We also found a broken tripod head at one point, did one of you guys smash your tripod? ;-)




























(pictures continued in my reply in post #5 here)

Olz9181 will post his pictures and thoughts in a moment too :)

Stay tuned!


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