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Report - West Park (Old Photos) Very Pic heavy

Lateral Delusion

28DL Member
28DL Member
I have loads more photos I'm not too unhappy with so if you guys like these ones I'll post more.

Visited earlier this year with a friend just before the demo really got underway. It was freezing cold and raining all day which was kind of disapointing given the time of year.

There were builders on site and I'm fairly sure security were alerted to our presence pretty early on because we had a few close run-ins over the day.

Security was more beefed up than in previous visits and along with piles of building supplies and reclaim there were a load more baricades in the corridors which we quietly navigated around.

Our first stop was the creepy graffitti room which has always facinated me

I love the creepy graffiti room


Especially this eye.

We didn't spend a long time there as we had a lot to see and we figured a lot of people about probably meant we'd be spotted after not too long.

Our first choice entrance to the padded cell ward was boarded up ready for demolition so the next stop was the day room with all the chairs


and the hoover room






We would have liked to spend more time in and around the hoover room but footsteps and coughing and sneezing told us it was time to get out of there. Nearly bumped in to security on the steps out twice.

After a tense few minutes we ended up around the dentist so we thought we'd check that out for a bit








We felt very exposed on our way to the kitchens and postroom with the long corridor and the site huts so close. As we crept past one door we could see people just outside.






On the way back we had our next run in with people on site. Friend was navigating a baricade when his tripod leg slid out and caught the edge of the plywood sheet bringing it and the metal posts supporting it down noisily. We ducked out of sight just as a man in a hard hat rounded the corner. Luckily he seemed more occupied with getting back to his tea in the nice warm hut than chasing after random clunks in draughty corridors on such a wet and windy day.



We made a last visit to the famous padded cell as the light was starting to fade. The floors downstairs were spongier than they had been even on our last visit and we had our hearts in our mouths crossing to get there.




Classic n00b shot (I like the colours)



A last look

Just as we were starting to think about leaving my friend stepped backwards through a doorway to get a shot activating a PIR device. Our proximity to security meant we were forced to make a dash for it. Slipping under the fence my camera fell in to a muddy puddle so these photos are my sad farewell to both my old rubbishy camera and to beautiful West Park Asylum :(