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Report - West Park Service Tunnels + more 28/10/09


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After an early disappointment at Pyestock yesterday we were stuck for something to do. It was getting fairly late in the day what with the darkness setting in at about 5.30 now and we needed somewhere fairly local to where we were, easy to access and most importantly one that we knew how to get round, so West Park it was. Main objective was to tackle the service tunnels, but we also crossed Hollywood Lodge off the list as well. It being half term there were a fair amount of people there, we saw 3 groups - one doing a modelling shoot outside Hollywood Lodge, a man with who I assumed to be his 2 young children(!) and a pair of very dodgy looking chavs in full sports-leisure wear regalia who eyed us up suspiciously from the corridor as we entered the service tunnels. Doubtless there were more people inside the various buildings as well.




mould of epic proportions


the floor really isn't going to survive much longer in places




Extinguishers now look like this


With the sun slowly sinking we checked out the main hall one final time before we said goodbye to West Park forever



Really glad I got to see it one last time, despite the rumours of security patrolling the corridors we didn't see anyone, apart from the moment we all heard what sounded like boots walking down a corridor so we all legged it....only for there to be nobody there:crazy

More here from my visit in early October and this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157622378664421/


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