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Report - West Park Swan Song September 2011

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It appears the demo of West Park has finally reached its conclusion, and like a phoenix (albeit a pretty shit one) rising from the ashes the construction of 'Nobel Park' has begun.

Apologies in advance if you never visited WP as this report of the site may seem a bit shit. But to those of you who are West Park aficionados it should be of some interest.

Sadly the buildings inside the red squares are all that remain of this iconic asylum.

The underfloor labyrinth of tunnels that were once were the only way of access are exposed to daylight for the first time in nearly 100 years.

These tunnels ran underneath the whole asylum and explorers spent many happy hours down here surfacing like moles in whatever ward you fancied, avoiding the watchful gaze of the infamous and fabled 'MC Hammer'.

Looking East at the water tower from Frinton Ward (Occupational Therapy)

Standing in Cranford Ward looking down into what was once Clifton Ward. The world renowned padded cell ward.

Looking East from Cranford Ward, Ashford Ward and Abington Ward on the right.

Looking Westwards from where Clifton Ward once stood.
Frinton Ward (Creche) on the right.

Looking North to where Dartford Ward once stood.

Looking South from Denton Ward to where from Clifton and Dartford Wards once stood.


Standing in the doorway of Admin looking North.

The upstairs corridor of Admin.

Looking North from rear of Admin.

As can be seen it's a mere shadow of its former self. All the wards have been stripped bare and all the iconic remnants and character that West Park was famous for, have now sadly gone.