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Report - Westborough State Hospital, USA, 2015-2019


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Westborough State Hospital was established in 1884 in central Massachusetts, on the grounds of the State Reform School For Boys. While the Reform School buildings were initially renovated to accommodate the hospital, further expansions greatly increased the size of the complex over the next several decades. As is the case with many mental hospitals, the population peaked in the mid-20th century (at around 2,000), and as new methods of treatment were developed over the next several decades, the patient population steadily declined. Wards at Westborough were shut down as early as the 1970's, with the population sitting at around 200 in 2005, and the last remaining patients transferred to a new facility in 2010. Despite being placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994, demolition began early this year, and as of last month, cookie-cutter condos are being built where the main building once stood.

When I began exploring, Westborough was one of the first asylums that caught my interest. On my first visit, the property was still being actively patrolled, and entry was rather sketchy, but it was absolutely worth the effort; my exploring partner and I had the entire place to ourselves and spent hours navigating the wards, basements and common areas. Because the hospital closed in phases, there was a lot of variety to be found; the wards that were closed in the 70's-80's were very decayed and contained much of their original charm, while other areas had been remodeled but were more intact. Furthermore, the occasional bricked-up tunnel or collapsed hallway made finding our way around into a real adventure. In the years since, it has been my go-to spot to wander and practice my photography, or just hang out and goof off with some friends. Even after many visits over the years, it had a certain charm that made me eager to return again and again. I'm a huge sucker for old hospitals, but Westborough always felt particularly special.

There are some parts of the hospital that I never bothered to properly photograph (namely the interior and exterior of Admin and the interior of the theater), but I thought I'd compile some of my favorite shots from my time spent here.

Starting with a few exteriors....

...The rear of the Administration building, viewed from the female ward:

A connecting corridor to Administration, looking towards the female ward:

Parked in front of Admin:

The Talbot building, with the Childs building in the background:

The rear of Administration from the male ward:

The auditorium and Codman building:

Ivy-covored brick exterior of the female ward:

The female ward on a snowy afternoon:

One of several doctor's cottages:

...Moving inside, through the system of connecting corridors and tunnels, and into the wards...

These connectors allowed access between the male/female sections and the Admin/dining/recreation areas:

A tunnel directly underneath the corridor pictured above (with a cistern bulging out on the left):

A forgotten gurney:

Ornate suicide guards on a ward stairwell:

A particularly severe collapse:

One of several pianos left behind in the female wards:

A patient porch on the end of the male ward:



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28DL Full Member
....A few more shots from the main building:

Male ward utility room:

Some bibles and a frowny chair:

Hallway to nowhere:

More peely paint and woodwork in the female ward:

Now on to some of the outbuildings, starting with the kitchen/cafeteria:

Some laundry facilities:

...And on to the Codman and Childs buildings, which contained some nice architecture and artifacts...

...Including a few wheelchairs:

Same spot as previous photo, one year later:

...And one last farewell:

Thanks for looking!

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Liking this, strange mix of brickwork & wooden structures. I found this image particularly interesting & slightly daunting, brings alsorts of stuff to the imagination. But really like the whole report .:thumb:thumb



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Really good shots of one of my favourite American explores. So gutted I never got more than one visit here before it was flattened.


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This place is amazing, as are your pictures. Your eye for composition and the use of colours is second-to-none. Superb report. As for that car, that's just bizarre! Thank you for that.