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Westbury house - former resident


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Moderator please feel free to place this where it's most relevant, but for now, Hello there!

Scouring through YouTube, like you do, when curiosity got the better of me and I thought I'd see how Westbury house was doing. I came across a video from Seany Explores and a Google search led me to this place. Many of you have likely seen the multiple reports from the news as well as from members here detailing the state of the place and thought perhaps I could shed a little light.

As many of you are aware, this former care home was shut down by the care quality commission after an investigation. When a care home is shut by the CQC residents are rehoused immediately and possessions are often left behind and family or relatives are advised that remaining property is their responsibility. As a result most items are simply left.

When I was going through my divorce in late September of 2017, it had become quite apparent that my soon-to-be-ex wife and I could no longer live under the same roof. Tireless searching and a limited budget led me to spare room.com. Having to pay a mortgage on top any new place was a huge factor in eventually discovering Westbury house, where for a modest £300/m I could rent a room in this wonderful house.

An email conversation was struck up with the advertiser, a man called Sean Potter, and he ran Guardian Property Protection. I was given the contact details of a current resident under the scheme and a few days later I was in. My first impressions of the place sold it to me. As any of you that have been to this site can attest the building is grand and imposing with is huge entrance and the surroundings are typical English countryside bleak. Phenomenal views from all around.

As a property guardian, I along with 3 others (that being the maximum occupancy allowed under such a scheme - more on that later) were tasked with occupying the property for the owners, Dr's Naqvi, and deterring vandalism or squatting - something which had quite apparently occured. Overall the condition was pretty poor inside and "maintenance" was obviously codeword for "gash it up with tape and screws". For the most part the smell was tolerable, like that of an older Property, damp and cold. My room was located on the first floor just to the left past the nurses station, a huge room with great tall bay windows.

Exploration was a daily occurance, an absolute treasure trove of oddments and curios in every one it's hundred rooms. Live in carers had abandoned all of their things, residents looked as though they were all taken in the dead of night.

Cedar wing though had a horrible vibe. Going in to any of those rooms gave you the impression that the residents of this wing suffered greatly. It was dark, freezing, the smell of urine was overwhelming. One poor resident had a tiled floor in an apparent effort to make nighttime accidents easier to clean. I can tell you that having lived a winter there, that ground floor room would have been torture.

Most rooms were unlocked but we quickly found keys for the remaining sealed rooms. To be quite honest we couldn't see any reason they'd been locked in the first place, with the exception of the pharmaceutical supply room. The code for that lock was engraved in a door frame located close by - for top security obviously - but it was mostly diabetic medicine, catheters, sanitary pads, stethoscopes, and hypodermic needles.

The main kitchen had a gas supply but the bottle, located outside near the outbuilding, was pretty much done so all the cooking was done in the small kitchen in the first floor, a small tea station for staff we think. What the large kitchen did have was a fully stocked fridge full of easily digestible elderly foods like ice cream, custard, tarts, pies etc! Catering grade sausages, frozen mash, chips you name it! We ate most of it, not going to lie.. It was pretty good!

Most evenings we played pool or chess or wheelchair slalom round the disabled ramp obstacle courses we designed, but nothing was ever abused or vandalised or left out of place. We had inspections regularly and everything was above board.

As the property was for sale we had occasional visits from prospective buyers but being in the state that it was the asking price of £5million was a bit high. More on this later too!

A few months down the line and new residents began to join us at an unusual rate, the occupancy doubled within a few weeks and the place began to feel crowded. We believe this was a deliberate effort to maximize the net income of GPP ltd in the run up to a possible closure of the site, but we can't be sure.

I returned from work on a Wednesday evening in May to discover that council bureaucrats and fire inspectors were there to condemn the property and evict us fur to numerous health and safety concerns such as exposed wiring on the top floor, risk of collapse from the roof, fire exits that were permanently locked or obstructed. The list was pretty long to be honest. But the long and short of it was that we had to be out that night, and a routine police presence would be in attendence thereafter. To this day those of us who have remained in contact suspect that the woman every visitor seems to have encountered was responsible, but I still believe it was done by someone hoping to lower the asking price. Some of us stayed as long as we could, others moved out that night. I stayed on a friends couch.

The condition of the property now is utterly heartbreaking. It's ransacked, stripped, squatted and clearly used as a drug den and entertainment centre for delinquents. But this place will be forever etched in my mind. This was my saving grace, a place that came to me when I needed it more than ever. I made a friend for life there. He introduced me to the lady I love there. Westbury house still defines me as a person today. Whenever I ride down to loomies cafe with my partner we still take the road down to Westbury house and look through the trees at the place that introduced us.

If anyone here has any questions regarding Westbury house, I'll be glad answer them.



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/\ Agreed. It's always good to read someone's history of a site and to fill in some gaps.


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I like this story a lot, I took my daughter back to see it a couple of weeks back , it’s totally trashed and so sad to see ,I will never understand why people vandalise or what they get out of it , thanks for sharing.

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