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Report - Westbury House, West Meon, Jan 2021


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Last night, me and John went to Westbury House with some new friends we made who are also fellow explorers, thank you to them for showing us and exploring this place with us. Westbury was amazing to explore as it was night time which made it more spooky and eerie. The place kept on going on and on plus we kept hearing noises and kept feeling like something was there every time we turned our backs. Every corner we turned and hallway we walked down, history was being unfolded in front of our eyes of this place which made it even more interesting to explore. Even though it was trashed and vandalized, we could picture & imagine what it used to be like before it closed down. We definitely want to revisit this place during the day as there was so much to see but some of it we did miss or didn't capture. Plus, we didn't have time to take a picture of the outside of the building, but for sure on our next visit to here, we'll definitely get a picture of the outside of the building. On another note, this place has been searched up and been visited numerous of times by the urbex community, so I'm pretty sure you all know what Westbury looks like by now outside :thumbbut once we get our camera, we'll still capture some as this building is too amazing. We were both amazed how a place such as this can hold so much inside with a story to tell, now just to sit there to be forgotten, decaying and rotting with its residents now moved on. The pictures we took of Westbury don't do justice and can't describe how much is there in person.

Westbury was brought by the Gage family in 1866 by John Delaware Lewis. In 1904, there was a massive fire which destroyed most of the house. No lives were lost all except for one, which was the housekeeper of the family for many years, Jane Henley. She died on the roof from shock and fright before she could have been rescued. Some time later on, the son of Mr. Lewis, Colonel Le Roy Lewis, decided in 1924 to plan the structure of the house & which then it got turned into a prep school. It got continuously used like this until 1980s which then converted into a nursing care home which they provided care not only for the elderly, but also for residents who had special needs. In March 2016, after a CQC inspection, deemed "inadequate & unsafe", Westbury closed down & has been abandoned ever since.

Hope you enjoyed the read, I'll post some pictures below of our exploration. See ya later!!!
Holly & John :D

















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Yikes, maybe it's just the darkness in the photos, but this does seem to have hit that last terminal bit of fast deterioration and vandalism in the last few months


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Yikes, maybe it's just the darkness in the photos, but this does seem to have hit that last terminal bit of fast deterioration and vandalism in the last few months
Yeah I know it's sad really, knowing what history it had behind the place and what now lies there. Be a shame if it does get demolished :( don't know what the outcome of the fate of the building will be


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Probably best during current situation you don't mention you went with partner and met some friends

Other than that nice report I can see the upper floor coming through soon


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Yup, some COViD-19 lockdown faux pas there....just as well you weren't in Derbyshire....


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Looks like the vandalism is hitting hard as any morons wanting to smash places up wouldn't give a shit about a lockdown if they're doing illegal shit in the first place, probably start seeing a lot more of it too


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The place must be busy with tourists at the moment, alot of things have been moved over the last few days.

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