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Report - Westbury-on-Severn ROC Post - Gloucestershire Group - 22/05/2010


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Westbury-on-Severn ROC Post - Gloucestershire Group

Date Opened: September 1963
Date Closed: October 1968

The post is OPEN. The hatch is missing. All surface features remain, however the top of the ventilation shaft is missing, as well as the ventilation louvres. Internally, the post is slightly fire damaged, full of rubble and appears to have been used as a den at some point. The post is stripped bar two beds. It is located near Chaxhill, and has excellent views out to Gloucester.

Despite the skankyness of the post this was an epic trip. The evening was perfect, it was warm and the lighting was stunning. Much banter took place. Present was Joe, and Mummy Clebby, who seems to be getting into this ROC thing. I vow to get her down one one day! Joe and I had a great time jumping off the access shaft pretending we were in High School Musical. :eek:


The damaged ventilation shaft:


And inside:


Eurghhhh, this is a minging photo.


The bottom of the access shaft is filled with rubble up to just below the sump pump. However, the post appears to have been tidied since MarkR's visit - click here.


Westbury-on-Severn High School, class of 2010 leavers photo: :gay


Fanks for looking! :)

4 Glozzleshire posts done...

Poulton ~ Barnwood ~ Stoke Orchard ~ Westbury-on-Severn

...15 to go. As the guy from the Apprentice would say - "19 posts, only one goal. Sir Clebbys search for the ROC Posts continues." :gay

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