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Report - Western Park School Air Raid Shelter, Dec, 2017


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The former open air school, Western Park school was built between 1928 and 1930. Designed ergonomically to suit students with respiratory problems and built next to a large open park where they could get the fresh air that they needed. The open air school later became a special school which closed down in 2005.

During the second World War, a small, yet suitable concrete air raid shelter was built to the west of the school, built for the sole purpose of the students rather than being publicly available. Stone steps led down into the small shelter, although these have long since been broken and entrance sealed. Access was a minor trouble in the overgrown garden and although partially sealed, it seemed it would have been a second entrance/ exit.

What is currently left of the school seems to be in a rather depressive state, yet it has recently been bought to undergo reconstruction, and as much as I would like to go in, it seems relatively impossible and to be honest not worth the decrepit and trashed inside, and I was much happier to just visit the underground shelter.

Mostly made of corridors there were small sections, most likely used as a “toilet space” evidence of this is a small bucket which can be seen (and is still there). Other small sections could possibly be make shift showers, sleeping sections and what not, and there is also evidence of electricity at the time but that is long gone now!

This is one of the entrances to the shelter and the next photo here (rather poor quality, might I add) is what would have been the concrete steps leading down, now in turmoil, which made it a lot harder than walking down a flight of stairs to get in unfortunately.

Inside the shelter is just a maze of these concrete "boxes"

Now after photographing "normally" whats an explore without messing around a bit?

Thanks for looking, and although a small and brief explore, I got some good photos from light painting, so overall a boring explore but a good result non the less.

Explored with @UrbanCaving



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Nice write up, and some nice Light painting there. Its always a fun little explore :)