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Report - Westleton ROC


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Nestled in a hedgerow in Westleton is this delicious ROC bunker, built in 1958 and used until 1991. It was locked for a long time - likely why it is in such good condition for a bunker - but has been unlocked since 2016. Me and the boys gave it a cheeky visit in June 2021, heaving open this big ol' lid with due diligence not to damage anything. There were some Ungoliant-grade spiders swanning it up in the corners of the entrance, but after we bade reverence to them and their lord Morgoth they sanctioned us to enter.

The first thing to witness opposite the stairs was the toilet room which, delightfully, was unused.


The main room was delightfully cozy and it was tempting not to crash out on the fresh Tempur® mattress.


In all seriousness the bunker wasn't in that bad condition and there were still some records remaining on the table, albeit a bit mulchy, and some pictures and posters that we think enthusiasts had brought down at a later date. We also had the feeling we weren't completely alone but we couldn't explain it. Culinary odours wafted in abundance.


Anyway our group went back up and we later found ourselves at the famous Ed Sheeran Shrine in Framlingham's Castle Inn to recouperate and replenish our positive vibrations. A truly cultural day.



Safe travels everyone xx <3

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