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Report - Westley Richards Gun Manufacturer/Toolmaker. 07-06-09


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After seeing rather a few reports on this place, I thought I'd go down and have a look!
Established in 1812.William Westley RichARDS.THE FOUNDER,WAS BORN IN 1788 and he died in1865,he was responsible for a number of inventions connected with the muzzle loader.
Although founded in bham,the firm was not typical of the bham trade,and its premises were in the old high street quite some way away from the gun quarter.
A LONDON RETAIL OUTLET WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1815AT 170 NEW bOND sT under the management ofwilliam bishop.
in bham,westley richards,the son of the founder,took over the business fromhis father in 1840 and a further series of inventions did much to influence the development of guns ,rifles and revolvers.
Sporting guns received attention and patents were taken out covering the following features:
1858 drop down barrels
1861 drop down and sliding forward barrels
1862 the famous top lever and dolls head extension
1862 patent rifle sights
1864 top lever design modified to improve the operation
1866 Monkey Tail capping breachloader further improved.
Westley Richards retired in 1872 and that year saw bolt action and sliding breech block designs.
In 1878 his last patent covered the locking system for the drop down barrel gun.

John Deeley took charge,having joined the firm in 1860 ,and between 1873 and 1907 he was partly or wholly responsible for some 17 patents.
One of the most important of these patents,where the firm was concerned,was British Patent No 1756.This was taken out jointly with W Anson in 1875,protecting the famous box lock Anson & Deeley action.
In 1896 the firm outgrew the premises in the High street and moved out to a factory in Bournebrook,on the south side of the city.

In 1946 Captain E.D. Barclay bought the firm from the liquidators and subsidised the gunmaking business with profits made from whale harpoons and toolmaking. Even these efforts did not prove satisfactory and in 1957 he disposed of his shareholding to Walter Clode who is currently Chairman of Westley Richards.

With the wife and baby in the car, I didn't have much time to look around the place. I was quite suprised to see the condition of the building, as it looks quite good. It was only vacated last year, and looks well maintained for the most part.
Ange phoned me after only 30 minutes, as the Police were on the prowl. After our meeting with them in the crocodile works, I'd rather not get aquainted with any more of them, so I made a hasty retreat back to the car.


Demo vehicles waiting for next months work.





Company records.





Thanks for looking :)
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