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Report - Westmount college - july 2011


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28DL Full Member
Were do i start? well we was planning a dover trip for a while, so bags packed, we were on our way.

I'd like to say a quick thanks to hoppymat for driving, and to his bird for Batteries and Assisting ;) also both of you's for being my tunnel lighting bitches :D

so enough with the intro - we got to dover and we set our eyes on this first place, West mount college.

Westmout College started life as a Jewish School founded in 1847 by the Rabbi Raphael Cohen

Renamed as Mount Ellis in 1865 for Leicestershire colliery owner and jewish businessman Joseph Joel Ellis, After Ellis's death in 1885 it became a school once more and was run by Robert Chignell.
He later sold it to a group led by Dover Mayor Dr Astley who had recently formed the Dover College Company.

In later years it was run by Dover Council as an adult education centre it was soon to close and fell into disrepair.

The upper floors were gutted by fire in 2007

Any way enough yabbering; pictures!!
[excuse the photos, fuji commited suicide stuck with old point-and-shoot with (very) limited settings]









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