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Question - Westwood Quarry/Mine, Wiltshire.


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Hey, new member.. long time browser. Wanting to visit Westwood Quarry in Wiltshire at some point but abit confused as to where the entrance is? I've looked over maps and articles online and here but can't seem to figure out where on a map the emergency exit entrance is.. all I've figured so far is that it's a walk up a hill. Can anyone help me out with info/map grids? Would appreciate the help.. driven by dozens of times as I'm a local but stumped by where the exact location of the entrance is..

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Near to the Avoncliff aqueduct but you do know that's it's a working mine and in use? I would stiick to a disused mine/quarry if I were you such as Swan or Browns.

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I'll post an exact link when I'm at a computer, it's no secret. However, it is pointless, it's well secure.

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