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Report - WestWood Quarry Wiltshire March 2011


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First a Bit of Borrowed history.....

This structure began as a tunnel system in a quarry. During the Second World war it served two purposes; one section housed national treasures of great value. It was rumoured that the Crown Jewels were kept here with the area totally secure and even boasting one of the earliest smoke detectors. This area is now not accessible. Another area was used for the building of Royal Enfield motor cycles. The people who worked in both sections used a common entrance.

The Enfield section used for the motorbikes was one of the 'Shadow' factories protecting vital war efforts from bombing. Short Brothers, Rover and Enfield were the three main underground factories. They are known to us now as Shorts, Drakelowe, and Enfield. Enfield was still in use until the beginning of the 90's

Right this was a visit obscurity gave me a shout about and when funds where available i jumped at the chance.
After fun and games wandering round finding said location we where imn..Thanks to DHL for a call with a few pointers

Visited with Maniac,Frosty,Obscurity and TB

A few pics from the 1st stage of our wilthshire trip.







Big thanks to obscirity for driving and asking me along..and cheers mike for the sausage and bacon butties

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