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Report - Weybridge ROC Post - Surrey Group- 17/7/06


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was a bit of a last minute explore...

sitting in the pub down the road with a couple of mates, drowning sorrows after splitting up with my girlfriend.

out the blue, one says, come on then mark, show me someting nearby worth exploring...

so we all jumped in the car and headed down to the ROC post... the area is now VERY overgrown with stinging neetles etc, we were all wearing shorts so was very hard going!

really nice to see peoples reaction to small places like this when they had no idea these places even existed, and then find out what they were meant for..







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Re: Weybridge ROC Post - 17/7/06 - REPORT

all locked up now mate i'm afraid the entrance gate and the post itself...

i found it unlocked when i first went down.. and resecured it after my first visit to keep it mint..


i contacted Elmbridge council ( and the local landowner ) and let them know i had the keys but they couldn't have cared less and the person i spoke to didn't even know it existed! :crazy

my lock was on it for a while until someone cut it off and put some other locks on there.. probably who ever does actually own it... be interested to know who as its my local post and its a good one and i've been down it a few times...

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