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Report - Weybridge ROC Post - Surrey Group- 27/6/09


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I took a swing past here the other day as I was in the area. The last report on the post was back almost three years ago now.


The compound is very overgrown. This is high summer, so I would expect the stinging nettles to be lower in the winter. There are some very large brambles though and small trees, none of which were there when I first visited about ten years back. Its helpful if you turn up wearing motorbike leathers and a decent bike jacket. Be careful wearing leather trousers round there though guys. The area has a reputation for cottaging and there were a number of dodgy-looking geezers wandering up and down the road while I was there.

The last I heard the post was owned by the local (Elmbridge) council. A few years back someone was said to be renting it off them. I don't know the current situation.

The compound, next to the local rifle club is overgrown. The gate is open, with a lock and chain hanging off it. The lock is closed and the gate cannot be shut.


The ventilation shaft. Still in quite good condition. There is a fairly open path from the gate to here, perhaps someone else had been there recently. (Cottagers into stinging nettles perhaps?). Watch out for the hidden rabbit holes as well. You have to crawl past the tree on the right to get to the main shaft.


The main shaft. The hatch is not fully closed and is padlocked with a somewhat flimsy padlock. The FSM pipe is also there, and I assume the BPI one is somewhere in the undegrowth.


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