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Report - WH HB Townsend nurseries, Bucks, June 2014


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The visit.

Heard about this place being fairly local to thought I’d go and take a butchers at it. The cottage has seen better days, such a nice building gone to waste here. There used to be some greenhouses but they’re well and truly gone now. There’s signs of activity at the location with a big pile of rubble and skip, but I don’t know how long it’s been since anyone was actively working on it. There are a couple of signs stating that the sheds and outbuildings are to be torn down and renovations made to the main building.

I thought I was going to come into contact with some nasty corpse upon entry into the house as there were flies buzzing around all over the place, and I nearly filled me shorts when a bird flew past me from within out of the blue which gave the place an eerie feel from then on. . .

The house and attic has very little inside, but there are a few bits and pieces in the sheds, but a lot of junk also. Worth a mooch if your local or passing through.


Used to be a plant nursery I understand. Looking at the insurance cert, my guess is the owners moved around 2000. No other info available.

The pics. .













Thanks for looking :)


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Did you have a look in the sheds? The most interesting bit tbh.

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Nice one glad it was still there, good shots.there was a few lil gems lyin around in the sheds u shoulda had a rummage mate


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thanks guys, yeah I had a look in the smaller sheds - by the looks of it some of the items have gone walkies from what I've seen on other posts. The bigger shed had more in, but mainly crap by the looks of it. Shame the greenhouses have gone now.

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Nice snaps mate :thumb
Good job there wasn't a corpse, that would be a bit awkward to explain to the Police. ;)

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Good job Shagrat. I was looking at this place for a near future mooch. Looks very interesting.