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Report - Wharncliffe works 'a look at the past' Sheffield, 2006 - 2018

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Wharncliffe works

A bit of history
Wharncliffe Works originally produced stoves, grates and fenders grade II in 1988 when it was then occupied by Langsett Industries, Sheet Metal Workers.
making this thread was a real eye opener seeing the old pics from 9 years ago compare to the pics of renovation

The story

"With the recant development underway I had to have a quick pop in to one of my favourite explores"

GB (George Barnsly) is like the older brother too this place it gets all the good sprays, it gets all the reports and it gets all the fame, but recently GB has been heavily vandalised not just from youths but also from nature, looking over to GB now compared to 5 years ago it looks like a hole different building. So us getting over the loss of not daring to get over to GB we thought why not look at the Wharncliffe works... I have always proffered it to GB anyway. At first we saw a light in the building but just dismissing it for a reflection we began to investigate more. Looking in and seeing the old BMW wasn't there we thought there was something wrong. Of course we tried to enter the only way there is to enter the black gate but to our horror when i begun to climb the gate I saw builders scatted everywhere... trying to get down quickly so nobody saw me... :eek: but then a worker began to shout at me... it lead to the point where he opened the gate to get my details. He asked us what we was doing, we explained to him that we was there to take some pics...

He said lets see the boss... we walked down past the whole building... hoping the boss wouldn't ring the coppers. The boss gave the ok for the man to show us around (thank god). Its quite hard to convince the people in charge so good luck if your going... After the boss said you have 30mins to look with this builder, we asked the builder if we could quickly run up to the top floor... like the old days to get to the top you have to climb the metal stairs not has bad condition as you think. Upstairs we noticed that the place hasn't change a day it just had a bit of scaffolding up in there we began to reminisce on the old times (of pissing around in there) shame i didn't have a camera back then... not only was the top floor untouched it also was dangerous the man working up there even said to us enter at your own risk... looking at the very old tags was cool and what was even cooler was finding little gems up there. It was really just a step in time for me.

After the top floor was done it was time to move onto the next (the one bellow)... bit bare but still good. This one had the fireplace in the reason everyone goes here is for the fireplace (and the green painted windows 'the office'). At this point the builders were getting really pissed, staring at us and the jobbers... I think they were pissed because we was walking around and distracting them from working so we had to be quick... but one lad was chatting to us about the history (we already knew) and who owned it. Very interesting the person who owns the Wharncliffe works is the same person who owns GB apparently to the chap he's also a right dickhead... he said were lucky because if he was there we would not be able to look around the site. So what I gathered from this is that the owner is a right idiot...

To the floor bellow we go, at this point we had a really good nosey around the top half of the site we just had to do the bottom half, this one is the floor with the weird window room... the chatty builder guy left us and we really did have a walk around nearly seeing every room on the floor before another builder came and said your time is up... time to head down down down to the bottom floor... this is were the boss worked and were the workers had there lunch... pouring it down outside we hung around on this floor as much as possible (so we didn't have to go out in the rain).

I tried to stitch these pics together as best as i could... sorry if there a bit small
The old pics are on the left and the new pics are on the right... enjoy

Old*********** New

Some recant snaps

Thanks to the builders on site, this thread would have not been done without you

Thanks to tablets and dweeb for the old pics

A brill day out



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Ha I remember getting into here a few years ago through a seriously sketchy basement window and trying - and failing - to get to GB's through it. Wish I'd taken more photos when I had the chance.

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