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Question - What bags do you guys use?


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So my sports direct special karrimor backpack is looking a tad tired now, well the inner lining is falling off....
Guess it's a good excuse to get a new one but Im a bit stuck as what to go for, don't want to go full army as it stands out in the more urban areas but then I do like the look of some of the 5.11 tactical bags :rolleyes:

It really needs to only store exploring gear (head torch, torch, respirator, first aid kit, gloves, possibly go pro and a few other bits) but no camera, preferably all at the same time so it can be left ready in the car!

So what are you guys using?


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Personally I'd probably go for a messenger bag for that amount of kit.... I've got about 4 bags I use for different things, but if I'm travelling light I'll opt for a messenger type bag, which for me is either a slightly modified finnish army gas mask bag, or a inconspicuous normal adidas bag


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5.11 tactical rush bags are bomb proof and you will never need another bag in your life.

Rush 24 can carry an entire days worth of gear while the 12 is a excursion pack which might suit you better.

Though tactical bags are great, they will make you look suspicious in some cases. Something to think about.
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Quite like Lowepro Flipsides and Slingshots. the 1xx's are a bit small but the 2xx's and 3xx's are pretty roomy and made well.


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Quite like Lowepro Flipsides and Slingshots. the 1xx's are a bit small but the 2xx's and 3xx's are pretty roomy and made well.
Yeah. I have the slingshot edge 250AW. Like the idea I haven't got to put it down(much) Got it from Wex. BEWARE of eBay copies tho.

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I've use a LowePro backpack (think the recent one is a Pro-runner) however I doubt I'll buy another one. Been using them for 12 years both for exploring and for carrying all my camera gear around the hills.

For a company that is a spin off from Lowe Alpine who make some top of the range mountaineering and climbing rucksacks, they seem to have not transfered the designs and technology of the shoulder straps and waist belts onto their camera bags. The shoulder straps and waist band is a very poor design on the camera bags, too far appart to give any comfort / proper support and the waist band is poor. After a full day out with a camera body, a few lenses and some basic kit your back and shoulder can feel it. I'd say not worth the money these days and there are far better systems on the market. I use mine most days when home and think it is one of the main reasons I have a knackered shoulder.

More often the not going into drains I just have the camera attached to the tripod before I set off, and things like spare batteries, cable release, cleaning cloth and torches in my pockets. Any climbing up and down I just hang the camera around my neck.

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Nice find that Adders. Good price as well.

I use a Lowepro Photosport (mk1) and it sucks for the money (£120+)... the material tears easily and the zips are crap.

By far the best bag I ever used, and that I'll revert back to once this bag is in bits, is the Lowepro Offroad...


Remove one pouch and it holds a compact tripod, swap the other pouch for the modular water bottle holder. Wear it with the belt and shoulder strap, and it becomes instantly movable around your body, useful for climbing, crawling etc. One nanded quick access to your camera.

Sadly discontinued a while ago but I stockpiled a couple. I think there's something equivalent in the PhotoRunner range though.


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Haglofs roc hard 25 with one of those padded lens dividers shoved into the bottom. It's been utterly abused for more than five years now and it's still going strong.


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I use lowerpro slingshot it's quite small bit big enough for what I need and holds a tripod on the side.

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