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Question - What is this in my photo?!


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Any thoughts? The inspection pit is dark and empty but there is a blue glow and what looks like a tree... I've never had this before...

Oxygen Thief

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I think the ghost image is that fetid thing hanging down in the main picture, and the tree behind it that's blown it's pixels.

What it's doing there and how it appeared... no idea.


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Just seems to me to be an odd place for a reflection as it isn’t in the way path of any light source and was empty inside and fits in the constraints of the pit. I’ll go back and have another look at some point. It was taken where those two poor women got shot to bits


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Could it not be like a double exposure fuck up on the sensor due to the direct sunlight?

Whenever you get dark in a photo you can fill it with light. I use that technique to create all kinds of absurd images in a single exposure. For example...

It will just be how the light was refracting and due to the dark void. It would be helpful to know your camera settings though.