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Information - What kind of camera is best for me?


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Evening all; I've been meaning to buy myself a decent camera for a while now... I've had it said that the RX100 is a decent model to have as an all- rounder (but mainly for exploring obviously). I'm hoping to spend less than £200 if possible.

Also, what kind of Tripod is best? I remember seeing Styru's thread about a camera held together with tape which took great photos, so I guess I don't need an extremely fancy camera to get good photos.

Luke Stanmore

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28DL Full Member
My personal choice is a Nikon D3100, can be had at £200 second hand but looked after, takes great photos and videos. I use a pretty inexpensive Velbon DF-51 tripod - it has plenty of adjustment and is pretty solid after some hard use, can be had at £20 or under.


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28DL Full Member
I use a Sony a350 DSLR. I got it for £175 second hand with a 17-55mm lens. Little bulky and outdated now but takes some great snaps and allows for lots of post shot adjustments!

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