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Lead or Rumour info - Whats this? - East Ham

Za Gringo

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there is a few things round there. Well not to far. Not niticed that one before tho.


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Looks like it's joined on to the fire station next door.


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Not really, i don't spend any kind of regular time in London any more. Considering how many explorers there are from London and how many n00bs join up here asking for locations it would be nice if someone would make the effort to go have a look at it.


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I know it is still there as i saw some pictures of inside the place surfaced on flickr the other day. I actually sent the guy a message and he told me they were doing some filming there and that he got some time to have a wander about with his slr. Its defintly there though, as of about a week or so ago.

If no one else check it out, i might have too, was going to anyway.


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Anyone checked it out yet? I'm not far from there.